The general term for any sort of graphic display intended to convey information to an audience.


Signs can be custom made for a business, to convey the name and location of the business, or to promote a specific service or product that the business offers.  

Signs come in all type of shapes and sizes, and there are very few common themes among the different types.Another ever-present form of signage is Road Signs, meant to give information to pedestrians or drivers.


​​Hazard and instructional signs are another form which can be seen in most countries throughout the world. 

Since these signs need to be easily recognized from a distance, and also need to be comprehensible to anyone who may be driving, including those who do not speak the native language, they nearly always feature some sort of design theme or infographic, either accompanied by text or alone.



Ideal for large format printing of photos, canvas is a popular, light weight option for interior decor that needs vivid colours and a smooth gradient surface.